Ring Worm Cured



I had suffered from ringworm on my back for months. I tried all the OTC creams as well as some prescription anti-fungals with no luck. I also took antibiotics for a month which had almost no effect. Finally I came across your website and gave it a go. Your treatments made a significant difference within a day and within a week it was gone completely. I cannot thank you enough...

Sarah Hamond

My 10 year old son had a really bad case of ringworm all over his body. We tried prescription creams which had some effect but it was still spreading and not going away. I started searching the internet and found your website. I tried what you said and to my amazement it worked, and fast. He was healed completely in 6 days. Your remedies are a miracle! Thank you so much.

Fran Santoni

You are right about ringworm being a nightmare. I had tried everything my doctor prescribed along with numerous natural treatments like tea tree oil and nothing worked. Some of them gave relief for a few days but then it would just get worse again. I had this large patch on my neck and it had been there for over 4 months before I found your treatment. I believe it works so well because you address it from the inside and the outside. Anyway it took 2 weeks before it was gone completely but it was steadily getting better from the first day. Thanks Jason!

Joe Remel

Your ringworm remedy is brilliant. I cured my whole family with it a few months ago including my 2 cats and it has yet to return. We had recurring problems with ringworm for years until I finally found your cure.  If only doctors knew about this we could have saved a lot of money that we spent on all those medicines. Thanks for getting this out there and God bless.

Bianca Somers

When I first got ringworm I thought it would be easy to cure. It was just some skin problem so surely the pharmacy would have an effective treatment. Well I sure was wrong. I tried everything they had to offer and nothing worked. After over a month of ineffective treatment it had spread and covered most of my chest. I then found your web page and although skeptical I had nothing to lose. I gave it a try and to my amazement it actually worked. It stopped spreading almost immediately and the sores all healed up over the next 10 days. Now I know to check the internet FIRST not the pharmacy :-)

Brian Kelly

Just writing to let you know that your method worked. Its all healed up and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Jason!

Rebecca Goodman

Thanks so much for your brilliant ringworm treatment. It worked much better than I thought it would. I had suffered from ringworm many times in the past so I knew how hard it could be to cure. This was easily the fastest cure I have ever used. Cheers

Eric Lee

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou... I was starting to think I would have this affliction forever. Your remedies killed it within weeks and I had suffered with it for over 5 months. Thank God for the internet!!!

Jenny Tatisal

Hello Jason,

I just want to thank you!! I started taking what you recommended sat. night and by tues., I could see a significant difference in the lesions on my back and leg. Also, the topical treatment helped tremendously. Prior, the tubes of Lotrimin and Lamisil had done nothing. The script cream I had been using for 3 weeks actually made the ring worm lighter in color but the rings began to spread and mass together. To think I had been treating the ringworm now for over 2 months to no avail and within a week and half of using your combo, my lesions were barely visible! I only wish I had found your website first. Thank you again! Something so natural and easily available... amazing.

L Warner


Sorry About Those Photos But If You Have Ringworm You Want To Treat It Right Now (And Properly) Before It Gets Any Worse!

I went through a ringworm nightmare that I would not wish on my worst enemy and I want to share with you what I learnt. It is a horrible thing and it can be extremely hard to beat if you don't know how or if you follow the wrong advice!!!

I followed the wrong advice and it made my ringworm much stronger and made it spread all the way up my back, all over my head and face and down my front. That advice was what my doctor ordered and it is the same treatment that 9 out of 10 doctors will prescribe...

Please let me explain exactly what ringworm is, what it does, why it is so hard to beat and why you need to treat it properly AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! This information is very important so please read it carefully...

Ok. Firstly, ringworm is not a worm but a fungus. It is very contagious and can be caught from animals, people or objects that have been touched by an infected person or animal. Basically you can get it anywhere.

The spores are microscopic and when they get on your skin they begin to burrow inwards. What you will see when a spore gets on your skin is a very tiny red spec. It will be itchy! If the right treatment is used on a spec like this it will die very fast, within minutes or hours at the most.

If not treated this little spec will burrow into your skin to a deeper layer where it is not as easily reached. It will now become somewhat like a mosquito bite as the fungus begins eating away at the deeper layers of your skin. Next it will get larger and may break the surface of the skin, leaving a dry red ring like the pictures to the left. What you see there is only the tip of the iceberg as most of the fungus is in the deeper layers of skin. Sores like that are full of spores and they are easily transferred to other areas where they will begin as a small red spec and begin burrowing inwards.

These spores are amazingly resilient and they can spread and multiply with amazing speed. They will get on your clothes, on your bed, on furniture and they are hard to kill.

The typical Pharmacy medicines used to treat ringworm are pathetic and can actually cause it to spread far more rapidly while not killing the spores nearly fast enough. Please let me explain why...

The antifungal creams doctors prescribe such as Canesten, Hydrozole, Lamisil and the like do not penetrate the skin properly to get to the roots of the fungi. They are also very slow in killing the spores and can easily transfer spores from one spot to another. For example: say you put a cream on one of your sores and you then use the same fingers to put the cream on another sore or somewhere else you will probably transfer spores as well. Now when you put your clothes on the cream which is on the surface of your skin and also full of spores will get on the material and when you move around the spores now on the material will be transferred to other areas of skin. If you didn't have the cream on the spreading may have actually been slower. Now when you go to bed the spores get on everything and as the cream is really quite weak the spores can easily survive on the bed to infect new areas each night.

Typically they say to use these creams for at least a month to make sure you kill all of the fungus. This is a long time to be using these creams. The next line of defense are oral drugs which are very powerful and have many bad side effects. These drugs will take a month to work and they may still not kill all of the spores. One of the side effects of these drugs is that if you produce a child in the 3 - 6 months after use it has a high chance of being malformed. Others are Headache, Rash, Confusion, Fatigue, Blood disorders, Abnormal reaction of the skin to light, usually a rash (photosensitivity), Disorder of the peripheral nerves causing weakness and numbness (peripheral neuropathy), Dizziness, Nausea and vomiting. Doesn't sound good to me...

Doctors say that if you get scalp ringworm it must be treated with oral drug. Well they only say this because they don't know about the natural cures that work. They only know about their ineffective creams which probably will not work for scalp ringworm.

It is said that scalp ringworm is different to body ringworm. They say body ringworm cannot move to the scalp and vise versa. Well there are many types of ringworm but I know for a fact that the body ringworm I had can move to the scalp because that's exactly what it did.. If it had been treated properly at the start it would have been gone in days instead of getting worse and worse for almost 2 months.

With the wrong treatment ringworm can be a very serious problem that can take many months to get rid of. It can cause hair to fall out as it eats away at the follicles and it can cause scaring. It needs to be treated as soon as possible, meaning right now as it burrows deeper into the skin and can spread very fast, making it harder to kill.

Believe me, I know how bad it can be. I had it all over my body. My back was literally covered in sores of all different sizes. My collar bones were bright red, itchy and very painful with a huge number of spores all together and buried very deep in the skin. My neck was covered in sores as was my lower face and my head. I also had some on my arms and the front of my torso but these ones weren't as bad.

I caught my ringworm from a hotel in Thailand where I suspect they don't change the sheets between visitors. Luckily it was at the end of my holiday... When I got home I had a few small sores on my back and over the next month when I followed all of my doctors orders they spread everywhere. I was changing my sheets every day and wearing shirts for no more than a few hours before changing them for clean ones and still the ringworm spread with amazing speed.

The doctors treatments definitely helped lead to this large scale spreading!!!

I also tried some natural cures including tea tree oil and lavender which were better than the pharmacy medication but were nowhere near adequate. I must warn anyone considering trying these essential oils that they are not a good remedy for ringworm. Firstly they have an extremely strong smell which makes it impossible to use if you work around other people such as in an office. Maybe if you have only a few small sores tea tree oil may be effective but if you have many like I did it is a horrible thing to put on your body 2 or 3 times a day and it fails to kill the ringworm fast enough. It may take 3 to 4 weeks of using tea tree oil to get rid of the infection and by this time your skin will be a dried up, cracked mess. Tea tree oil can be useful to ad to a wash when you clean your clothes but as a remedy to put on your body or scalp it is a bad idea. I used Tea Tree oil for over a week and while some areas did improve others areas continued to get worse, much worse!!!

It had come to a point where I had lost hope and had reduced myself to the prescription oral medication.  I had actually gone to the doctor, got the script and had purchased the tablets from the pharmacy when my mother called and told me of a treatment she had just heard about from a friend. I know it sounds to synchronistic to be true but it is... I am not making this up....

I went straight down to the discount vitamin store and bought what I needed and went home to give it a try. I decided that if it hadn't made a significant difference by tomorrow I would take the drugs.

The treatment consisted of more than just a topical remedy. It also included a certain mineral that when taken orally in a fairly large dose kills the ringworm from below. Well I am not sure if it actually kills the ringworm or just makes your skin undesirable to the fungus so it stops spreading and dies. This is probably more likely but whatever the case this treatment is extremely effective because you are attacking the ringworm from below the skin with this mineral and also from above the skin with a certain ointment that kills the ringworm very fast.

I took the minerals and applied the treatment to all of my sores. After a few minutes the sores became more itchy than usual and it was hard to not scratch them. I did my best not to scratch and after a few hours it wasn't nearly as itchy. I applied it again before bed and went to sleep. The next morning I got an amazing surprise... The usual itch that I was used to waking up to was not there. It felt different. When I had a look in the mirror my sores looked much better and in the shower where the hot water usually made the itchy feeling quite intense, it felt different. I became really excited and applied the ointment again. I took the minerals twice a day and applied the ointment 3 times a day for the next 2 days and I was almost completely healed. I know it sounds totally unrealistic but that is how fast it killed the ringworm and stopped it from spreading.

I now have no doubt that this treatment is the best there is for ringworm. It kills it so fast it is truly amazing, it is totally natural and it has no side effects. It is also very cheap! It cost me only $12 to cure practically my whole body.

If you have ringworm you cannot afford to wait or to use other treatments that fail to work. Luckily the products you need are not hard to find. You will surely be able to go down to the shops and find them at a health shop, supermarket, vitamin store or pharmacy.

OK, I am sure you want to know what I used to treat my ringworm so you can cure yours!

I must now apologize because I cannot give you the remedy for free. The reason I cannot give it to you is because to get you to read this page I had to pay for advertising on Google. It costs me money every time someone clicks my link but if I didn't pay then nobody would find my website. The internet is flooded with information and websites and the only way to get my page where you would find it was to pay.

For this reason I must charge you for the remedy. I will tell you exactly what it is. You can then go and buy it yourself straight away. It is very cheap and it can be used to cure nearly any fungal or bacterial infection there is. For around $12 you can get enough to cure all of your ringworm and you will probably have heaps left over. Once your ringworm is gone you can remain on the minerals in a lower dosage for another few weeks to make sure it doesn't come back.

Ok if you want to get this brilliant remedy click the link below. You will be forwarded to the remedy page as soon as payment is made. The price for this remedy is $35, far cheaper than a trip to the doctor or for the anti fungal creams your doctor will prescribe... You will be rid of ringworm within days instead of weeks or months and you wont have to use chemicals or harsh oils that harm your skin.

Don't waste any more time, click the link below and cure your ringworm now!!!

If it doesn't work just email me and I will refund you fully. There is absolutely no risk in trying it for yourself... You will be healed in no time!! Please send me your feedback once you have tried it...

Best wishes, Jason Hardy